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Winchester School of Art Seminar

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

On February 6th, Artemis Skate Co. had the pleasure of being invited to the Winchester School of Art to give a seminar to the undergraduate fashion marketing students on start-up marketing and branding. After an introduction to the brand, the students were tasked with formulating a marketing strategy to hit the company's growth targets and to further solidify customer relationships with the brand ethos.

The team at Winchester School of Art gave us an incredibly warm welcome and we had great fun presenting to the students and answering their questions. We are so happy with the level of interest the brand generated amongst the students and are excited to see what they come up with! With the onset of coronavirus leading to a lockdown in the UK making a live feedback presentation unlikely, we aim to see the virtual results of their hard work. Artemis Skate Co. CEO Gabby Darriet-Jones will be collaborating with the professors to determine strategy quality and select the top submissions for actual use in the company's future marketing strategy.

Stay tuned to see the results, and good luck to all involved!

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