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The Crap Skateboarding Podcast Interview

Updated: Jun 7

On June 4th, Jack and James from The Crap Skateboarding podcast invited Gabby Darriet-Jones onto the show to discuss creating space for women in skateboarding. It was great to talk openly about the rapid changes currently happening in the scene, and how products can be more inclusive to all the sport's participants.

To listen, search for The Crap Skateboarding Podcast wherever you get your podcasts, or follow the link here.

"'Over the shadowy hills and windy peaks she, Artemis, draws her golden bow . . . The tops of the high mountains tremble and the tangled wood echoes awesomely with the outcry of beasts.'

It's easy to be blind to a possible lack of diversity in skateboarding when all of your clothes fit properly. In fact, it's probably harder to see the barriers that male-dominated spaces can create for female skaters when, like us, you're very typical of the crowd you inhabit.

If, however, you are a female skateboarder looking for hard-wearing, handmade skateboard clothing to suit the different requirements of the female body, then Artemis skateboard Co has got your back. We were lucky to be joined this week by Artemis' founder, skateboarder and videographer Gabby Darriet-Jones. Gabby was a delight, and patiently walked us through some of the historical issues with skateboarding fashion, and how it's always been designed with the male physique as its target demographic. Her commitment to changing that is both admirable and unique; we hope you are as inspired by her mission statement as we both were.

We also discuss the creation of women's spaces in skateboarding, the knack to building a successful team of skateboarders, the role of the brand in developing communities in skateboarding, and the benefits of skateboarding when it comes to maintaining your mental health."

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