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Interview with 245 Mag

On 21st of March, 245 Mag, a Bristol music and culture zine, released their first issue which featured a conversation with Artemis Skate Co. and GalGwarn on female skaters in Bristol. In classic new-age fashion, the original interview was held over Zoom, led by Abbs Mansfield, and, despite needing shortening for the print version, the conversation went on for well over an hour.

Topics of the Bristol skate scene, gender inclusivity in skating at large, the need and motivations for starting female-led brands and collectives, influences of art and culture, and the crucial role skateboarding has in giving back to these spheres were all covered.

Further articles from other local skate crews (Dirty Rat), musicians (LCY), artist (Molly Mingo), videographers (Tom France), poets and cultural commentators also featured in the zine.

Following overwhelming support, the mag is now sold out! Big shoutout to 245 for inviting us to be part of this first step on their journey in platforming the current youth culture scene in Bristol. Follow @24gmag for more developments and future issues!...

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